using std::cpp 2023

IMPORTANT NOTICE: The program of using std::cpp 2023 is now published and registration is open. See all the details at:

using std::cpp 2023 is the seventh (bis) edition of the Spanish conference on C++. This is the first edition after we had to cancel the event in 2020 due to pandemic.

What is using std::cpp 2023?

The main goal of using std::cpp 2020 is to serve as a meeting point for C++ developers and as exchange forum of ideas and experiences around the use of the C++ programming language, with special attention to latest version of the language, as well as upcoming news.

Who should attend using std::cpp 2023?

using std::cpp 2023 targets professional C++ developers who use C++ as application development language or for infrastructure software. It also targets students in last years of studies in science and engineering who are interested in the use of C++ as a programming language that may be used to develop complex computer systems with high performance and/or low latency.

Where is using std::cpp 2023?

As in all past editions, using std::cpp 2023 happens at Higher Polytechnic School (Escuela Politécnica Superior) of University Carlos III of Madrid in Leganés (Madrid area). See here how you can get to the campus.

When is using std::cpp 2023?

Thursday April, 27th and Friday, April 28th 2023.

What is the schedule for std::cpp 2023?

The program will be announced in February 2023..

What are the ticket prices?

The conference is free and it is supported by our sponsors.

However, starting this edition we will require a donation to the Alumni Scholarship Program of at least 20 euros per attendee.

Solidarity Scholarship Program is aimed at students with good academic records and limited financial resources, making it possible for them to come to study at the Universidad Carlos III de Madrid.

100% of the donated funds are used only for these scholarships.

We expect that the C++ developers community may help to impact society by helping good students with hard financial situation to get good University education.

But do I need to register?

Yes. You will need to register to attend the conference. Registration is already open here.