using std::cpp conference becomes bilingual (and remains free)

Yes you got it. The spanish C++ one-day conference, using std::cpp, will be bilingual this year.

The conference will be having this year its 6th edition. The event will be on March 7th 2019 in Madrid. And this year there will be a number of talks in English.

  • Long talks (40 min.): 6 in English and 1 in Spanish
  • Short talks (20 min.): 1 in English and 3 in Spanish
  • Flash talks (5 min.): 2 in English.

As the reader can notice more of the half of the one day conference is offered in English.

Speakers in using std::cpp 2019 include among others Arno Schödl (Think-Cell Software), Guy Davidson (Creative Assembly), Axel Naumann (CERN), Joaquin M. López (author of Boost libraries MultiIndex, Flyweight, PolyCollection) and J. Daniel Garcia (ISO C++ committee member).

You can access the full program here.

The C++ conference using std::cpp 2019 will be hosted at University Carlos III of Madrid, in Leganés. It is a free event, but registration is needed. You can register for the conference here.

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