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Ofertas de empleo interesantes en GMV

Me han llegado dos ofertas de empleo interesantes en la empresa GMV. Oferta 1: Ingeniero Simulación Misiones Espaciales • Descripción: “Ingeniero de proyecto encargado de desarrollar elementos software (C/C++, Matlab) para la simulación de misiones espaciales de observación de la … Seguir leyendo

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Jacksonville’18 ISO C++ Report

This week the ISO C++ committee met in Jacksonville, Florida. This is the first meeting of this year. We will meet again in Summer (Rapperswil, Switzerland) and Fall (San Diego, California). As you may well know the committee is working … Seguir leyendo

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Report from using std::cpp 2017

Note: We publish this report in English as some information might be interesting for a broader audience. Last November, 30th we had the 5th edition of using std::cpp (the annual C++ conference in Spain). The conference is a one-day free … Seguir leyendo

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Report from using std::cpp 2016

Last November 24th we had the fourth edition of using std::cpp, our annual conference on C++ for professional developers. The conference is a one-day free event held every year at University Carlos III of Madrid, in Leganés. We had around … Seguir leyendo

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C++: Oulu Trip Report (Part I)

The 2016 summer C++ standards meeting is over. This meeting has the record to be (at least to my knowledge) the northest meeting we have ever had. According to several sources the distance from the venue to the Arctic circle … Seguir leyendo

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Trip report: C++ meeting at Jacksonville

First of all the bad news. Unfortunately I have to say that the outcome of the standards meeting has been disappointing. Let me explain myself. We had a really very intense week here in Jacsonville. We made progress in many … Seguir leyendo

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Oferta de empleo en Indizen Technologies

La empresa Indizen me pasa la siguiente oferta de empleo Ingeniero C++ Descripción: Buscamos especialistas en desarrollo de C++ para proyecto estable en el área de Investigación. Valoramos las titulaciones de Ingeniero Técnico o Superior, alta capacidad para el desarrollo … Seguir leyendo

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