Program using std::cpp 2023


  • Pre-conference workshops: Wednesday April, 26th
  • Conferences days: April 27-28

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Pre conference workshops (April 26th)

On Wednesday April 26th we will be hosting to full day workshops in Madrid. Please, note that a separate registration is required for workshops.

  • Workshop 1: Introduction to C++ Coroutines
  • Workshop 2: SIMD: efficient, readable, and portable

Conference Program

Full program will be available soon. Meanwhile here you have some information.

Invited talks

  • co_await all the things. Dietmar Kuh­l. Bloomberg (1 hour)
  • Still more variants of variant. Odin Holmes (1 hour)
  • mp-units: Lessons learned and a new library design. Matheusz Pusz (1 hour)
  • What is Low Latency C++? Timur Doumler. JetBrains (1 hour)

Sponsor talks

  • Why you shouldn’t write your own C++ package manager. Luis Caro Campos. Jfrog. (20 min.)
  • Little Big Brains: Making Tiny Devices Great with C++. Alejandro Hidalgo / Juan Antonio García. Scalian. (40 min.)
  • The C++ rvalue lifetime disaster. Arno Schödl. think-cell (40 min.)
  • TBD. Jungheinrich. (20 min.)
  • TBD. BME. (20 min.)

Other activities

  • using std::quiz. Diego Rodríguez-Losada from Conan will be hosting this enjoyable activity. Show your C++ skills in challenging and fun C++ puzzles.

Regular talks

  • More than a rehash. Joaquín M. López. (40 min.)
  • C++20 Concepts: Bringing sanity to generic programming. Michael Hava. RISC Software. (40 min.)
  • Dependency injection: Why does shared_ptr use type erasure. Jan Krasinski. (40 min.)
  • Build systems dialectcs – how did we get here. Seraphime Kirkovski. VMWare. (20 min.)
  • SYCL: A C++ Programming Model for Heterogeneous Computing. Victor Pérez. CodePlay Software. (40 min.)

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